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Dr. Alison Bailey

Director - Women's and Gender Studies Program
Rachel Cooper - RC 233
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Alison Bailey is a professor of philosophy at Illinois State University where she directs the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. She has published extensively on issues at the intersections of feminist theory, philosophy of race/whiteness studies, and epistemology.

Research Interests & Areas

My interdisciplinary scholarship is rooted firmly in the premises of feminist epistemology. Knowledge is socially situated. Marginalized groups of knowers are positioned to know and experience the world in ways that are structurally invisible to dominant groups. Fresh scholarly approaches to social justice are revealed when inquiry begins in the lives of the marginalized. This familiar cluster of insights has guided my research on reproductive justice, white privilege and moral responsibility, epistemic injustice, epistemologies of ignorance, feminist pedagogy, and philosophical responses to intersectionality. I’m currently at work on three scholarly projects. (1) My most recent project addresses the role of “knowing resistant anger” in response to practices of silencing at the heart of epistemic injustice. (2) I’ve recently completed a pedagogical project that applies the insights from the epistemologies of ignorance literature to track how knowledge and ignorance circulate in philosophy classrooms that address social justice issues. (3) I’m also working on collection of essays The Unlevel Knowing Field: Feminist Meditations on Race, Gender, and Knowledge.

Ph D

University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio

MA Philosophy

Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO

BA Philosophy and Art

Dickinson College
Carlisle, PA

Book, Chapter in Scholarly Book-New

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“Whiteness and Metaphysical Comfort,” Thirty-Three Conversations with Philosophers on Race, ed. George Yancy. Oxford University Press.

Book, Scholarly-New

Bailey, A. Strategic Ignorance. Nancy Tuana and Shannon Sullivan (EDs), Race and Epistemologies of Ignorance. SUNY Press (2007): 77-94.

Book, Textbook-New

Bailey, A., & Cuomo, C. The Feminist Philosophy Reader. Alison Bailey and Chris J. Cuomo (EDs). McGraw-Hill (2008)

Journal Article, Academic Journal

Bailey, A. "The Unlevel Knowing Field: Engaging Dotson’s Third-Order Epistemic Oppression". Social Epistemology (2014)
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Bailey, A. How Can We Navigate Privlege. Protective Epistemic Pushback in Feminist and Critical Race Philosophy Classes?. Hypatia


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