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In the Honors Program, you can choose to pursue various designations to earn upon graduation, including Honors in the Major.

Why Choose Honors:

By completing Honors in the Major, you will:

  • Engage in an enriched and extended learning experience
  • Develop as a scholar and gain an edge over your peers by choosing a rigorous preparation in your field of study
  • Be recognized in the Commencement Book, transcript, and on the diploma

Earning the Honors Designation

Honors designation is earned at graduation. Requirements are reviewed at the end of your final semester. They include:

  1. Being in good standing with the Honors Program
  2. Meeting GPA requirements (3.3 cumulative GPA and 3.5 major GPA)
  3. Participating in one Honors Learning Experience per semester, including your final semester (students are not required to complete an Honors Learning Experience when they are off-campus)
  4. Completing two Honors Learning Experiences in Philosophy:
    • Honors Contract in a PHI course at the 200 level or above, or
    • Honors Research with a Philosophy faculty member
  5. Fulfilling the Department’s disciplinary participation requirement by taking part in a philosophy-related undergraduate scholarly event such as a:
    • Workshop
    • Symposium
    • Conference
    • For example, you may submit your final project in PHI 299 to either the ISU Undergraduate Philosophy Event, the ISU Undergraduate Research Symposium, or some other appropriate venue.
    • If the project is accepted for presentation, you are expected to present your work.
  6. Completing an Honors Capstone Experience
    • PHI 299 (1 credit hour): Honors Independent Study taken concurrently with any 300 level Philosophy Course.
    • The topic covered in PHI 299 will overlap with the associated 300 level course, but must include substantial additional material and a final project substantially different from that assigned in the 300 level course.
      The instructor of the 300-level course will supervise the PHI 299 Honors Independent Study course and determine the content, course work, and method of assessment of the PHI 299 component in consultation with the Honors student.