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One of the goals of the Department is to keep our alumni involved. Most importantly this relates to staying in contact with people. Not only is it a good idea to check in with former professors but it is a good idea for alumni to check in on current students to offer pointers, advice, or opportunities.

Make a Gift

One of the best ways for an alum to support the Department of Philosophy is to make a monetary gift. With this tax deductible donation, you can help us support our faculty, students, and our program. Through this, you aid us in fulfilling the Department's vision of academic excellence. Your entire donation will go directly to the Department, and you may also specify an initiative you would like for your donation to be applied.

You can make a gift:

Donate to the Department of Philosophy


How To Help Current Students

  • Answer an email from a current student
  • Send in information on how the program has helped you
  • Send in advice about what the program can add or change to benefit its students
  • Come to campus to talk about your career or experiences post-graduation
  • Join a video conference
  • Allow a student to observe you at work for a day, week, or summer
  • Offer internships (both for credit and paid)
  • Take part in mock interviews to help students prepare to find jobs

Please contact the Philosophy Department if you are interested in helping current students in one of these ways or if you have another idea.

How To Contact Other Alums

Most connections are set up through the University Alumni Association.

Philosophy Alumni Links

University Alumni Links

Visit the ISU Alumni website

Visit the ISU Career Center website

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