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Student Life

Welcome! The Philosophy Department is exceptionally proud of our students' academic and personal accomplishments.

Student Organization

  • The ISU Philosophical Society (Philosophy Club)

    The Illinois State University Philosophical Society is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) of the University. We promote philosophical inquiry as a part of everyday life and promote critical analysis of all information.

    Meeting Times:
    The club meetings for Spring 2023 will be evey Tuesday fromm 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. in STV 401.
    Advisor: David Sanson

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Call for Papers


What can I do with a Philosophy degree?

A degree in Philosophy does not teach you what to think, but how to think. Philosophy teaches you how to analyze difficult problems and think of creative solutions. It teaches you how to evaluate arguments that people present in support or against a position, and how to reason and communicate in an effective and clear way.

These are skills are of universal value. Good critical-thinking and communication skills will be of benefit to you whether your chosen career is in business, law, medicine, non-profits, teaching, or public service. Employers value creative thinkers – those who come up with new ideas and innovative solutions – and critical thinkers – those who can communicate complex ideas in a clear way.

Employment Opportunities

Our alumni have chosen a variety of different careers. Some have gone to graduate school in philosophy while others have become lawyers, doctors and other healthcare professionals. We also have alumni who have chosen careers in business, journalism, financial services, publishing, and management.

A philosophy degree is a highly valuable degree if you are thinking about business school, law school, or medical school. Philosophy majors are ranked first among majors on the GRE and medical school acceptance rates, and second among majors on the LSAT and GMAT. And philosophy majors rank first among humanities majors in midcareer salary.

Philosophy does not lead to one career – it leads to all sorts of careers.