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Alumni Statements

Statements List

  • George Michalopoulos (1993) Computer Specialist

    "I love amazing people [by telling them] that I, as a philosophy major in college, am doing computer support. I tell them that a philosophy major is trained to think analytically, is excellent at trouble shooting and solving problems (or coming up with solutions)."

  • Col. Denise Vowell (1974) Chief Trial Judge, US Army

    "Most of my career has been in the courtroom, as a prosecutor, defense counselor, or judge. The ability to read case law, analyze it, and apply it to the facts of my cases are skills I learned in philosophy classes at ISU. I could argue both (or several) sides of the issue before I got to law school, because I leaned how in arguing philosophy with classmates."

  • Jack Daugherty (1991) Attorney, St. Louis

    "The value of an undergraduate degree does not necessarily lie in the substance of the courses of study. Whether you are going to law school or continuing to graduate school, the real value of an undergraduate degree in philosophy is that it teaches thinking. By the time of graduation, a philosophy major has been given certain analytical abilities which can not be developed in any other field of study. It has been my experience that philosophy majors have a much easier time adjusting to law school."

  • Steve Nielsen Carroll (1978) Senior Vice President, AC Nielsen Corp

    "My philosophy degree, which I use every day, has taught me how to think, write, and speak in a persuasive and compelling fashion. My ability to develop optimal business strategies and clearly communicate my vision for both my company and clients has allowed me to become the youngest executive ever to sit on the operating committee of AC."

  • Robert Sprouse (1975) Attorney and Vice President of Oklahoma Bar Association

    "I credit my study in philosophy at ISU with teaching me how to think critically."

  • Solomon Ruztky (1996) Owner of Chicago Net Visions, Inc

    "When people question why I was a philosophy major, I tell them I can't imagine choosing anything else."

  • Doug Crossman (1986) Social Service and Law Enforcement

    "The study of philosophy can be a help in any career path. A course of study that helps one think, argue well, and rationalize is going to be an asset in your chosen field."

  • Joy Hunter Merino (1994) Coastal Ecologist

    "I have been working with the federal government advising the US Army Corps of Engineers and state agencies on coastal restoration activities. I am often accused of being logical. Thanks for the training!"

  • Stacy Parton (1993) Family Therapist/Adoption Preservation

    "Studying logic and thought has helped me understand people's internal processes and logic in a way that psychology alone was lacking. In order to help someone make changes in their life, it is important to first understand their perspective on the world. My philosophy degree has given me the skills to understand my client's viewpoints, even when they differ from my own."

  • Michelle Fesi (2001) Marine Underwriting Assistant at Arch Insurance Group

    "My job is primarily focused on individually evaluating accounts to ensure that they are an acceptable risk for my company. Given the analytical nature of my job function I am always using the skills that I honed as a philosophy major."