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John Lawless

Assistant Professor
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John Lawless works in social, political, and legal philosophy and in the philosophy of race.

Current Courses

101.004Basic Issues In Philosophy

214.001Introduction to the Philosophy of Race

Research Interests & Areas

Contemporary republican theory often focuses on developing productive models of republican ideals: What does it mean to be free, to be equal, to be a citizen of a republic? In past research, I have contributed to this work by developing a conception of freedom as social recognition. To be free, I argue, is to enjoy the standing to demand recognition of one’s rights. In new research, I develop resources for a non-ideal republicanism, oriented toward the evaluation of corrupt republics, and the cultivation of republican movements in unjust societies.

Journal Article

Lawless, J. (2023). Social norms and social practices. Philosophy & Social Criticism, 0(0).
John Lawless; White Shame, Non-white Citizenship. Public Affairs Quarterly 1 January 2022; 36 (1): 71–98. doi:
Lawless, J. Against the Managerial State: Preventive Policing as Non-Legal Governance. Law and Philos 39, 657–689 (2020).